Major Accounts Strategy

Not at all customers and clients are created equal. For most, this isn’t a shocking statement. However, most people and businesses intuitively understand this and still operate in a fashion which ignores this fact.

Here’s a quick thought exercise:

• In your business, you probably have a handful of customers or clients (more or less) that account for a large share of your revenue, correct?
• Would you like to have more of those kinds of customers and clients?

Most businesses can answer those two questions with an astounding yes. However, most business will answer this next question with a timid no.

Are you doing enough (or anything) to ensure you land more top customers and clients?

Largely, what separates the top performing businesses from the average ones is their ability to command attention from–and land–high value customers and clients. And the reason most are able to do this simple: they have a strategic plan in place for obtaining these high value prospects as customers and clients.

While the average business treats every customer the same, spending the same amount of time, effort, money and overall resources acquiring low value customers as high value ones, top performing companies understand the futility in doing this… and take action in ensuring their acquisition of these targets.

At Atlas Advisers, we specialize in helping our clients land more top customers and clients. The acquisition of these top customer and clients, many times, can be solely responsible for increases in sales, revenue, bottom line profits, and overall profitability.

Bottom line: landing these types of customers and clients improves many aspects of your business, least of all profitability and bottom line profits. More importantly however, is that when you shift your focus and successfully implement a major accounts strategy your time, efforts, and resources are all more efficiently allocated… compounding your positive results.

If you’d like to land more high value customers and clients and start growing your revenue, bottom line profits, and profitability, simple fill in the form on this page. One of our seasoned account executives will get back to you as soon as possible to talk about your options in implementing a successful major accounts strategy, as well as scheduling a no-obligation growth audit.

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