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Atlas Advisers is a leader in business development, sales, and marketing consultancy. Through its use of tested and proven, real world strategies and tactics, Atlas Advisers is able to help its clients command attention from more prospects, convert more prospects to clients, and increase sales and revenue and overall bottom line profits, year over year.

Come join one of the fastest growing and most successful business development and marketing firms in the country.

-Archer Atlas
Founding Partner


We’re a fast growing company and we’re looking for some good, honest, and hard-working men and women to help lead us in today’s ever-changing business landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned consultant, sales manager, or someone with little to no experience, you might just be exactly the person we’re looking for. Read below and see if you’re a fit to join one of the fastest growing and most successful business development, sales growth, and marketing firms in the country.

Upward Mobility

Based entirely on your performance, you will have the opportunity to rise “up the ranks” at Atlas Advisers. You will be treated as a potential partner at this firm from day one and you will have the opportunity to become just that. Most new employees undergo an extensive training program that better enables them to climb higher, faster and will start as a junior account executive. From there, once certain benchmarks are reached, automatic promotions occur. This process is 100% based on performance and virtually all team members are promoted a minimum of two times their first year with us.

Training Program

At Atlas Advisers, we don’t just believe in “one and done” training programs; we believe in lifetime training that helps you fulfill your career goals. Our new employee training program lasts two weeks and gives new hires the tools needed to successfully advance to the next level. Upon each promotion to a higher level in our corporate structure, new training programs are designed to help you have better command over new job functions and responsibilities.

Positions Available

Without making sales, nothing happens. You can have the most well run company in the world, with the best managers, the best technicians, the best customer support… but without revenue coming in, you’ll be out of business in no time. Because of this principle, Atlas Advisers strives to be the leader in sales growth, not just for our clients, but for ourselves. Our firm is structured as a “sales heavy” organization, where everyone is thoroughly trained in solid sales principles. Because of this, most of our new hires start of in our sales department. However, we understand that without great managers and leaders, no organization can succeed. Therefore we are constantly looking for managers and leaders to marshal our sales teams, both externally and from within our firm.


Here at Atlas Advisers, we believe so strongly that compensation should be tied directly to performance that our own compensation from clients is structured that way. If you perform well you will be well compensated. And because our training programs give you all the tools you’ll need to succeed and perform amazingly well, the sky is your limit.

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*Atlas Advisers is proud to be an equal opportunity employer, hiring people from all walks of life: men, women, disabled persons, and veterans alike.